Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today's another day..

Don't let me scare you, I don't always feel the way I stated on the right. But that day I did and that's okay. Now today is another day and I feel much better. Some days are like that, dark and gloomy, sad and distant. Usually those are the gray and rainy days that appear often in the winter and spring. Summer and fall bring my favorite kind of days, particularly the days when the mornings are crisp and the sun slowly warms up to a delightful temperature by 10 a.m. Or the days when there is a warm breeze blowing softly. I could stand outside for hours.

I really should live in the tropics or even southern California. I'm sure I was born to live beneath eternally blue skies, swim in caribbean blue waters and lay on sparkly, satin sand.

But somehow the stork got the bundles mixed up and I ended up far away from where intended.